Friday, October 19, 2007

Cringe & Insert Foot

Aw, poo. So I made a huge faux pas the other day. Sara stopped by to pick up her ladder and drop off a wedding gift (these super gorgeous, hand-painted bowls) and me being the big dummy that I am said something I shouldn't have. See Sara's bf was planning to buy her a certain birthday gift and had enlisted my help in finding exactly what he wanted. I didn't get to see Sara on her birthday (deadlines, etc) and since then we've been swamped with the craziness of life so I hadn't had a chance to speak with her. So there we were, chatting in the living room, and I asked how she was enjoying this certain gift that I wrongly assumed she had received, and yeah, all I got was a confused stare.

At that point I realized that I'd made an ass of myself. I panicked and rambled for a few minutes before Dave finally stepped in to shift the conversation topic to something else. After Sara left, I almost cried because I felt like such a jerk. Needless to say, I'll be way more careful in the future.

Sorry Sara and Clint! I am a complete dork.

Onto less cringe-worthy news...

Dad was in Tomball this week attending some kind of work conference so he stopped by the house yesterday afternoon. Bosley wasn't quite sure he liked a strange man in the house when Dave wasn't around, but after a couple of hours, they became friends. I have a picture of the pair of them snoring and drooling as they napped side by side on the couch. Dad took Dave and I out to dinner--and OMG I'd forgotten how expensive a steak house can be! Thank goodness it was Dad's treat! At least it was super tasty! Dave turned in early because he had to work today, and Dad and I stayed up watching some crappy B movie called "FANGS" about these mutant bats. It was super goofy but funny in that melodramatic way.

After breakfast, Dad headed back to E-town, but he left me a $50 tip for making breakfast burritos and coffee. Sweet, huh? I see a Lane Byrant shopping trip in my very near future, lol.

OK. I should get back to work. I've been watching Divorce Court and Judge Alex for the past few hours. Enough procrastinating. Must write.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Rainy Days & Mondays

It seems the weather and the weekday are conspiring against me. I've been writing like a fiend these past few weeks, but today I have a super case of the BLAHS. Ugh. This is totally reading weather but I've read, like, four books already this month and am so not in the mood to start another one. I've got plotlines unraveling in my head, but each time I sit down in front of my laptop I draw a blank.

And right now I'm totally watching a creepy spider battle raindrops as it descends on a precariously thin web string. I'm almost tempted to open the window and snap the line in half because I loathe that spider. OK. Not that spider in particular but the brood to which it belongs. They're built like black widows but they're brown with orange spots and have mouths that look exactly like Predator. No really. Exactly like it. A few weeks ago, four of them built their webs over the back door so I couldn't even use my backyard, and they would randomly dive bomb Bosley. A few swipes of the flyswatter and a broom fixed that....

Anyways. Where was I? Oh yeah. The BLAHS. I think I may need to recharge the creative juices. Sometimes when I'm juggling two or three projects I start running out of fresh words and sentence structures. Yeah. Not good. Maybe I'll take the evening off, go see a movie or something with Dave-O. We still haven't gone out to celebrate my birthday, and tonight is as good a night as any.

Oh, and a belated INGADINGADURGEN to you all in recognition of Leif Ericson Day last week! If you're not a Spongebob Fan you won't get that. Pity.